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My husband, SPC Norman L Cain III, my hero and my best friend. My beloved was taken from me on March 15 of this year when his truck hit an IED while he was deployed to Afghanistan.

I was blessed to be married to my dream man. Norman was a loving father and a devoted husband. Always a prankster, he could make me laugh no matter the mood. We had a special relationship. Communication was the best part of our marriage. No matter where the Army took him, we talked everyday. Norman always stayed an active part of life at home.

I knew I would marry him the night of our first date. We were hopelessly in love with each other. It was my greatest honor to stand beside him and my dream come true to love him. He always said we were the lucky ones. We had what everyone wanted, but most didn’t find. I was told everyday that I was the love of his life and the best thing that ever happened to him.

Although I didn’t have him as long as I wanted, I am better because of him. Norman taught me what love was. He had such a big heart. When he loved, he loved with all he had. Norman was the definition of a true American soldier and he will forever be not only a national hero because of his sacrifice, but will forever be my hero.

I miss him more than I could ever express and will live everyday of my life honoring him and making sure he is remembered. I know he knew how much I loved him. I always will.

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