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Who Makes A Good Fit For The Army Reserves?

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The Army and Air Force reserves offer a wide range of opportunities for citizens to serve their country without full time enlistment. Both the Army and most Americans have a wide range of needs and the desire to balance many different aspects of their lives. The reserves are the best way for both sides to meet those needs.

Blending Civilian And Army Careers

The typical reservist serves 2 days a month on average. This fact allows the reservist to pursue their civilian careers while simultaneously training and serving with the armed forces. Neither career has to suffer for the other. Pursuing two career paths offers a unique sense of fulfillment and builds a strong character. This will benefit both the individual and the armed services through diversifying the skills that a reservist can bring to both their careers. Anyone who has a strong calling to both serve their country and to build a civilian career will find the reserves a perfect fit.

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Former Active Duty Personnel

After a long life in service in the armed forces, many former active duty personnel have good reason to continue to stay affiliated with the Army. There is only one place in the world where someone can find the highest level of camaraderie and discipline. Furthermore, continuing education through military service provides many of the sought after skills that empower individuals. With all that the Army has to offer, there are many great reasons to stay active with the armed services.

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