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This is an intimidating time to be entering the workforce. If you’re just graduating from high school, you may realize that you’ve been armed with the basics to get by in society, but you really don’t have any specialized training or experience to put you on the path to a fulfilling career. When you look around, you’ll notice many of the people that do have the training and experience are still facing layoffs and cutbacks. You’re a smart person and a quick learner, but what’s a new graduate to do?

Perhaps you’ve thought about a career in communications. When you start job hunting, what you’ll find is that most positions call for a college degree and/or related work experience. College and technical schools are expensive and you can’t buy experience. It might be time you start considering a different route, a career in the United States Army. It’s not all frontlines and combat. There are plenty of jobs in communications and the Army will provide you with the training and the experience, too.

The Truth About Military Careers

The reality of it is only about 20% of military jobs require a soldier to be in combat. The Army is a finely oiled machine. Behind those soldiers on the front lines is an entire community of people making it possible. There are as many positions in the military as there are in the civilian world. There are electricians, plumbers, journalists, doctors, lawyers, and just about every job you can imagine. The best part is the Army pays you while you train.

As a soldier in the United States Army, you’ll start collecting a paycheck while you learn your trade. That sure beats racking up student loans, doesn’t it? There are multitudes of communications jobs in the Army. You may decide to be a radio operator or a combat journalist. Whatever path you choose, the Army will provide you with state of the art training and experience that will prepare you for your experience as a soldier while giving you the tools you’ll need in the civilian world after you’ve served in the Army.<br /

Unrivaled Benefits

As a member of the United States Army, you’ll not only collect a paycheck, but you’ll reap the other benefits of military life as well. As part of your benefits package, you’ll have housing, health care, a stipend for food, and even a clothing allowance. You’ll have access to military shopping and recreational opportunities and you’ll get to travel the world.

Soldiers can take advantage of other benefits if they choose. The G.I. Bill offers funds for college and you’ll be able to apply for VA loans when you buy your first home. Should you find yourself in an emergency, the Army takes care of its own and can even provide financial assistance. If you choose to make a career of the Army, you’ll also have a retirement package that will offer you long term stability. Joining the United States Army offers many opportunities and benefits that civilian companies just can’t match.

Your Future

When you leave the Army, you’ll be equipped to take on the world. As a trained communications expert, you’ll have the skills and expertise civilian employers need. In addition, you’ll have skills that can’t be taught in a classroom like as leadership, confidence, integrity, and the pride of knowing you’ve done your part to help keep this country great.

The United States Army will push you to be the best you can be as you live up to both your personal and professional potential. You’ll have a sharp mind and a strong body. You’ll experience the world and a rewarding career. If this sounds like a great way to jump-start the rest of your life, click HERE for more information.

Photo courtesy of US Army Korea – IMCOM

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