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Each branch of the military is unique; the opportunities present in each appeal to a wide array of American citizens. Those branches, the US Army, the US Navy, the US Air Force, the US Marine Corps, and the US Coast Guard, are all vital to protecting America and building the individual character of every enlisted person.

US Army

The Army is responsible for ground operations and is comprised of active duty and National Guard units. Active duty personnel are deployed worldwide to protect American interests, performing the duties set forth by the federal government. The National Guard is also responsible for many domestic responsibilities, including disaster relief and humanitarian efforts.

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US Navy

The Navy boasts a long and rich tradition in the history of the United States. Covering all sea-borne operations, the Navy utilizes active and reserve units to carry out their missions. Those serving in the Navy often find themselves at the cutting edge of technology projecting the US’s influence in their own floating technological marvels.

US Air Force

The newest branch of service, The Air Force, dates back to the early days of aviation during the conflict of World War I. Utilizing the country’s vast and impressive airborne resources, the Air Force protects Americans by projecting power through the entire globe.

US Marine Corps

The Marine Corps is often called on to tackle the toughest situations that the United States faces. Diverse in training and rugged under stress, the Marines specialize in unique missions and extraordinary circumstances.

US Coast Guard

With the war against terrorism, the Coast Guard has found new roles and duties in today’s world. Protecting America’s vast waterways and coastal borders, the Coast Guard carries out such vital missions as search and rescue, legal enforcement of borders, and ship inspections in the fight against terrorism.

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