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The Changing Role Of The US Coast Guard In The Post 9-11 World

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The US Coast Guard is now run by the Department of Homeland Defense, and for good reason. The waterways and coastal areas of America are its longest frontier. Terrorists and criminals often attempt to gain entry to the country through its many ports and harbors. Defending the US’s coastal territory is one of today’s most important roles in the Army.

Protecting Borders

Over 1.3 billion tons of cargo is shipped into US ports every year. Terrorists and criminals often see this figure as a possible avenue to deliver weapons and chemical or biological agents onto American soil. Accordingly, the US Coast Guard is tasked with conducting naval ship inspections to prevent the delivery of such illegal and harmful cargo.

Other criminals think they can harm the US by disrupting the flow of trade into and out of the country. Much of the country’s oil supply, consumer goods, and food products have to come through its harbors. The Coast Guard often plays a police role for the US’s vital seaborne resources.

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Saving Lives

Stopping weapons and drugs from ever entering the country saves lives every year. Each illegal weapon or drug that is stopped from ever hitting the streets is another life saved from violence and drugs. The Coast Guard also specializes in search and rescue missions to provide security and peace of mind to American citizens who make a living on the waterways.

The Coast Guard is an even more important aspect of the US military in today’s world. Just as the Army protects American interests abroad, the Coast Guard is often the first line of domestic defense.

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