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The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is the qualification exam that every recruit will have to take in order to successfully enlist in the United States Army or any branch of service. Every enlisted man and women will have to pass this hurdle in order to prove they are qualified to serve in the United States armed services.

Scoring well on the ASVAB is about more than just passing in order to satisfy a requirement. Aptitude scores are a measure of how a recruit will do in their military career. The ASVAB score is factored in to signing bonuses and which MOS’s are available for each recruit. It is important to score as high as possible on the ASVAB in order to start one’s Army career on the right path.

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Answer Every Question

There is no penalty for an incorrect answer. Therefore, there is no reason to leave a question blank. It is best to make an educated guess on a question, as every point scored helps the final grade.

Don’t Be Afraid To Skip A Question

However, do not take too much time to answer one question. Spending five minutes staring at the same problem is a waste of valuable test time and the right answer is not going to just pop out.

Eliminate False Choices

Every ASVAB question is multiple choice with four possible answers. Most of the problems will have 1 or 2 choices that can be eliminated as the wrong answer. By eliminating two wrong choices, the chance to get the right answer is 50-50. This technique can often turn difficult problems into manageable one.

These three tips will help in answering any and all ASVAB test questions.

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