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Service in the United States armed forces requires great sacrifice from every single enlisted person and officer. Many people forget that behind every person serving their country, there is a family back home that is shouldering a burden too. The military never forgets about military family, they are provided with a host of benefits in order to keep America’s most important families intact.

Relocation, Separation, And Dependant Benefits

In addition to the benefits that all servicemen and women receive, relocation benefits are also provided to move entire families to match duty assignments. Healthcare and health insurance is made available to each family member in addition to life insurance to cover expenses in case the unfortunate ever occurs. Under the latest amendment to the GI Bill, spouses and dependants of active duty personnel with 10 years of service are eligible for the same education benefits, including complete tuition reimbursement for a four year state college.

When a family cannot move with their soldier, a separation allowance provides a safety net for the entire family.

Base Amenities

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In order to make each deployment feel a little more like home, there are a number of services and amenities available on base to service personnel and their families. Sports teams and fitness plans are organized for spouses and children as well as discounted entertainment vouchers and travel planning. Financial services, tax preparation, and legal services help families keep their personal matters in order.

Overall, the Army wants to provide the same level of support for families as they do for every soldier who serves.

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