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After leaving active duty, many former servicemen and women begin to miss something in their lives. The feeling of discipline, camaraderie and purpose can sometimes be lost in the civilian world after years of service to one’s country and fellow countrymen. Those with prior military experience often consider re-enlisting to continue their military careers.

Today, there are many open MOS’s and a need for experienced soldiers to rejoin the service to keep America’s Army in top condition. In order to ease the transition back into active service, there are a number of incentives that the military provides for returning veterans.

Deployment Flexibility

Veterans have the opportunity to rejoin the military in any service branch they choose; they are not restricted to the same branch they were discharged from. This flexibility allows an even greater chance to learn new skills, receive training, and apply new and old experiences to a military and civilian career. Of course, an Army tank driver might find it difficult to apply those skills in the Navy, but most MOS’s are compatible.

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Eased Entry Requirements

Each reenlistment situation is different, but in general, most returning veterans will skip basic training. Special training camps and programs will still be required if applicable. The ASVAB and physical screening are typically mandatory for the second stint, but they should not be a problem the second time around. Best of all, every year of prior service is retained when determining benefits, and pay grades are usually retained as well.

With fast-tracked reenlistment procedures and operational flexibility, starting on a second military career is as easy today as it ever has been.

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