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Today’s Army and armed services are putting greater emphasis on the individual soldier and their development. The expanded Post 9-11 GI Bill and the expansion of dependant benefits ensures that our veterans are being taken care of. For those servicemen and women who have already served their country, there are more benefits available for those who want to embark on a second Army career.

There are many reasons why a veteran would want to begin a second tour of duty. Many miss the camaraderie and discipline of their fellow soldiers, or the clear purpose and meaningful missions that define armed service. Whatever the reason, there are now even more incentives to help ease veterans back into service.

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Prior Service

The foundation what a veteran can offer the United States is their prior service record and experience. The Army appreciates that experience without the need for basic training and having to instill basic values. In return, every year of prior service counts towards determining benefits and retirement options for returning veterans. All applicable awards and certifications are still in effect. There are very few penalties for the time out of the service; it is easy for nearly all returning veterans to pick up their careers where they left them.

Enlistment Incentives

For highly desired positions and MOS’s, sign up bonuses for veterans can reach six figures. The Army is very serious about compensating veterans who will bring their wealth of military and civilian experience back into service for their country.

Veterans returning the armed service can utilize their past experiences to help their country once again and be justly compensated.

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