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The United States Army Special Forces comprises the best trained and disciplined troops in the world. There are many roles to fill in the special forces, known as MOS’s or Military Occupation Specialties. For the best of the best, joining the Special Forces is the best way to use one’s talents and skills to serve our country.

Special Operations Engineer

Combat engineering meets special operations. Employing conventional and nonconventional warfare tactics and techniques in combat engineering is this MOS’s bread and butter. When it comes to small teams and advanced tactics, special operations engineers delve into explosives, improvised munitions, mine/countermine operations, bridging, rigging, electrical wiring, reconnaissance, and target analysis. Most importantly, these Special Forces combat engineers can engage in high level sabotage operations with standard and improvised munitions and explosives. With a combination of technical expertise and Special Forces training, these MOS’s are highly effective members of the armed forces.

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Special Operations Weapons Sergeant

This MOS is the ultimate specialist in warfare tactics and techniques in individual and small unit infantry operations. They are trained to utilize a plethora of tools from small arms to light and heavy crew served weapons as well as anti-aircraft and anti-armor weapons. A weapons sergeant is the basic unit in projecting power and completing operations in a Special Forces squad.

There are many more available MOS’s within the Special Forces, but these provide a good overview of how the elite soldiers within the Army perform their duty to serve their country.

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