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Today’s Army and armed services employ the latest tactics and operations in the pursuit of our national objectives and in protection of our national ideals. Both conventional tactics, such as combined arms, and non-conventional tactics, such as counter-insurgency operations, have a place within the military apparatus. There are also many non-standard tactics employed that many people are not aware of and deserve a closer look.

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Psychological Operations Specialist

The Army is always looking for ways to fight smarter. This specialist utilizes psychology as a tool in the armed services arsenal. In particular, this position is “an information and media specialist who can assess the information needs of a target population and develop and deliver the right message at the right time and place to create the intended result.”

These operations are put into use for the intelligence and PSYOP branches. Winning the hearts and minds of a population can be as vital to controlling territory and resources. In the same vein, subterfuge and deception also play a vital role in protecting American forces and allowing them to complete their objectives. Accordingly, these same ideas have to be employed to defend against an enemy’s attempts to perform similar operations.

It might be difficult to see a psychology expert employed in actual warfare beyond the role of counselor. Yet, understanding human nature and using that understanding is vital to winning a conflict at the strategic level. Today’s Army has positions available for individuals from all walks of life and with a plethora of skills and talents.

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