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The United States Army is constantly on the move. A Transportation Officer helps to make sure the vehicles which move troops and equipment are organized properly and are utilized correctly. Your leadership skills will help to make sure there is no interruption in the flow of movement from one location to another. This is necessary in facilitating battles as well as resupplying troops in times of peace.

Training for a Transportation Officer

The first step to becoming a Transportation Officer in the United States Army is to complete the Transportation Basic Officer Leader Course (TBOLC). During the course, you will learn maintenance, tactics and leadership skills among other things. You will also learn the different weapons and their utilization with different vehicles. Training will also consist of learning how to coordinate the movements of many different personnel and material movements through sea, air and land.

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Skills and Career Opportunities

In order to make sure you will succeed as an Army Transportation Officer you should have natural abilities as a leader. You should also have the ability to make command decisions which will affect many people. You will have a moral responsibility which you will need to keep in mind when making command decisions. Having experience working in the transportation industry will be a plus.

Your career a s a Transportation Officer will translate into jobs outside of the military which include such fields as freight operators and moving companies. You will be able to obtain positions in management as well as in coordinating the movements of a large fleet of vehicles.

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