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Going Further as an Unmanned Aircraft Systems Repairer

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Working as an unmanned systems repairer offers many rewards. Your job will be to make sure all systems are working properly so that information can be collected in a safe and efficient manner. You will be an integral part in being able to look behind enemy lines and in necessary reconnaissance for current and future plans on the ground and in the air.


Your main responsibilities as an unmanned aircraft systems repairer will be to troubleshoot problems and make any necessary repair to unmanned aircraft. You will also be responsible for keeping all maintenance up–to-date so there will not be unexpected problems. Soldiers will look to you for training and information about unmanned aircraft including how to use them and maintain them. With time, you will also be responsible for training and managing others in your field.

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Helpful Skills and Training

While you will receive training to complete your mission, it is necessary for you to have certain skills before working as an unmanned aircraft systems repairer. You should have an interest in aviation, mechanics, mathematics, solving problems, electrical equipment and working with a team.

You will receive training which will be both in the classroom and in a hands-on environment. You will learn:
– Electrical System Maintenance
– Procedures for Troubleshooting
– Electrical Theory
– Techniques for Soldering
You will also go through basic training as well as 19 weeks of advanced training. You will learn to be a leader and a member of the United States Army.

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