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Finding the Road to Success as an Army Motor Transport Operator

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The road to success starts when you join the United States Army as a Motor Transport Operator. This is a career path which will put you in charge of making sure cargo and personnel are delivered safely to their destination when using wheeled vehicles. You will be trained to make sure all vehicle and cargo specifications are met at all times to ensure proper transportation standards.

Helpful Skills

There are some skills which will help you if you are looking to work as a Motor Transport Operator. You should have an interest in driving and driver education. It would help if you have any experience in driver education or in operating heavy trucks. You should also have an interest in mechanics. These are only suggested skills since you will be trained to do your job by the experts.

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Training and Career Opportunities

After you have completed your basic training you will go through seven weeks of advanced training. You will be taught how to properly load and unload all payloads whether they are human or equipment. You will learn driver defensive strategies as well as how to drive in different countries and environments. You will also be taught basic maintenance skills and safety protocols.

As an enlisted soldier you will have opportunities for advancement. You will also have the opportunity to train for a career which will last even outside of the military. As your career in the Army progresses, you will be given opportunities for leadership positions and greater pay.

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