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Finding Your Career as an Aviation Operations Specialist

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The United States Army has one of the largest fleets of aircraft in the entire world. This means using the expertise of a specific group of individuals to keep everything running smoothly. As an aviation operations specialist you will help to make sure the aerial missions are run properly. This includes planning flight plans and keeping pilots safe while running missions.

Training and Duties

You will go through basic training. You will also need to go through eight weeks of advanced training. In the advanced training you will learn how to prepare flight operation reports, flight planning, airfield operations, scheduling aircraft and assigning air crews. You will then be expected to check flight plans for accuracy as well giving local flight clearance and making crash crews aware of emergency situations.

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By working as an aviation operations specialist you will be eligible for many different benefits. First, you will get the benefits every member of the United States Army is eligible for. You will learn all of the skills necessary to make a career in the United States Army and in the civilian world. You will also learn leadership skills which will make you valuable in any work environment.

When you are stationed, you will be in one location. This makes it possible for you to take classes and also to have your family live with you in most deployment locations. You will also have the benefit of working indoors most of the time.

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