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How to work as an Air Traffic Control Operator

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The United States Army uses tactical helicopters and airplanes to complete missions and for training exercises every day. A talented air traffic control operator is responsible for controlling and directing all flights from a base. You will be responsible for making sure all airborne craft have the ability to leave and return to the base safely.


To complete your mission as an air traffic control operator you will have to undergo training. After you complete basic training you will undergo about fifteen weeks of advanced training. You will learn aircraft recognition, communications and radar procedures, operation procedures for air traffic control, air traffic control management as well as take-off, landing and ground control procedures. You will learn in the classroom as well as onj-the-job.

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Helpful Skills and Benefits

Those interested in working as an air traffic control operator in the United States Army should have an enjoy detail oriented work positions. You should also have decisiveness, ability to work as a member of a team, manage according to precise standards, and work well under stress. You should also want to work with electronics and communication equipment.

One of the biggest benefits you will learn as an Army air traffic control operator is a career which will last you even outside the Army. You will be able to work in any civilian airport or any other facility in need of an air tower. Other benefits you will receive is comprehensive medical and dental benefits.

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