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How to be a Utilities Equipment Repairer in the Army

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The United States Army is a community like any other. They have all of the same utilities you will find in the civilian world. When something goes wrong with the utilities, there is a need for an expert to fix the problem immediately. The job of a utilities equipment repairer is to make sure any problems in the utility equipment is repaired immediately.

Helpful Skills

To be good as a utilities equipment repairer, there are certain skills you should have. You should have an interest in solving problems, electric motors, electricity, math and shop mechanics. You should also be able to use tools properly. These skills will make it possible for you to be eligible to be trained in this specialized department of the United States Army.

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Training and Responsibilities

In order to work as a utilities equipment repairer you will need to go through the proper training. As a new recruit you will go through basic training and then through eleven weeks of advanced training. If you are already in the service you will have to apply for the job through an advisor. You will then go through the advanced training if you qualify to be transferred.

Your duties will depend on what specialization within the department you have. You can find yourself working with the heating and air conditioning for facilities. You may also find yourself working on the refrigeration units. Your work will help other soldiers to be comfortable and to do their jobs.

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