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How to Work as a CH-47 Helicopter Repairer

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The Army has a need to transport many pieces of large equipment and large volumes of troops to areas where it is not feasibly possible to land an aircraft. This is where the CH-47 (Chinook) helicopter comes in handy. It is important that the helicopter be ready to go at any given time. It is the job of the CH-47 helicopter repairer to make sure all necessary repairs are made to keep the helicopter airworthy.


To work as a CH-47 helicopter repairer you will have to go through special training beyond the boot camp training everyone goes through. You will also have to undergo 16 weeks of advance training. You will be taught to repair fuel, electrical and hydraulic systems. You will also be taught to repair coverings and airframes as needed. Disassembling engines and repairing them will also be taught to you.

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Career and Education Opportunities

The training you receive will make it possible for you to have a career in helicopter maintenance. You will also have the opportunity to fulfill leadership roles. This will make it possible for you to attain rank advancements as well as increases in pay.

With tuition reimbursement programs, you will also have the ability to attend college. This will help you to be able to pursue your career even further or to pursue another career path altogether. You will even have the ability to attend continuing education classes on-base.

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