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The United States Army has some of the most technologically advanced helicopters and aircraft in the world. When there is a problem with the systems, it takes a very well trained individual to perform the necessary repairs. This same group of people is also responsible for performing routine maintenance and preventative repairs. Your work as an avionic mechanic will help to keep the Army birds in the sky.


In order to keep the Army helicopters in the sky it takes such things as tactical communications security, flight control equipment, friend or foe identification, navigation, and communication equipment. Your duty will be to perform the maintenance these systems require in order to stay functional and to maintain the integrity of the aircraft.

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Career Opportunities

When you work as an avionic mechanic you will have the skills necessary to advance in the United States military. You will work with a team and learn how to give instruction. You will also be responsible for training others on systems. As your skills become better defined you will also have the opportunity to fulfill leadership roles. This will prime you for advancements in rank and in pay.

If you ever decide to get out of the military you will be able to find a rewarding career in many different fields. You can find work in aircraft maintenance for a private firm. You can also work for a large company or for the federal government which has a large fleet of aircraft to maintain.

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