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The United States Army is community of its own. While you may think of soldiers on the front lines, you may be surprised to hear that only 20% of military jobs are combat-related. Behind those soldiers are the many men and women in support positions. The Army needs lawyers, doctors, electricians, cooks, and just about any other civilian job you can think of.

If you’ve just graduated from high school and are unsure what direction to go, a future in the United States Army may be just what you need. The Army doesn’t require that you enlist with the skills for your future career—just the aptitude and the attitude to make it happen. If you’re good with numbers, you may consider a career like a Financial Management Technician.

What You’ll Learn

Every soldier first attends basic training. Once you complete your basic training, the Army will send you to your job school where you will learn the ins and outs of becoming a Financial Management Technician. While you train, you’ll also collect a paycheck. In addition to your pay, the Army will also provide medical and dental care for you and your family. You’ll have housing and a clothing allowance. You’ll get paid vacation and the opportunity to travel. You will enjoy the privileges of military shopping and recreation and you can count on continuing education as well as the chance for advancement in your career and in the Army.

In Financial Management Technician training, you’ll learn about receiving and posting accounts receivable and payable, you’ll learn to prepare financial statement and how to evaluate contracts. You may be processing payments or managing other financial tasks. The Army will give you bookkeeping and accounting skills you need to be a success in the Army and beyond.

Financial Professionals In The Civilian World

Should you choose to make a career of the Army, you’ll have the chance for advancement as you rise through the ranks. The more time you spend in the Army and the higher the rank that you attain, the more money you’ll make. In addition, you’ll continue to build your skills and your level of responsibility.

Whenever you decide to return to the civilian workforce, the Army will be sure you’re well prepared. In fact, you’ll take classes about leaving the military and even get assistance writing your resume and interviewing.

The skills you’ve learned in the military will open the door wide for civilian careers. You may have a future as an accountant, a payroll clerk, a bookkeeper, or an auditor. Money management positions will always be in demand and you’ll have the skills and experience to do the job.

What It Means To Be A Soldier

Serving in the United States Army will give you skills and experience, but you will also find a confidence and a pride that you may not have anticipated. You are a defender of freedom and you will provide humanitarian services to people around the world.

You will be surrounded by people like yourself—people who see a bigger picture. You’ll find yourself among leaders and perhaps you’ll find in yourself leadership skills that you’ve never known. If being a soldier in the United States Army sounds like the future you’re looking for, click HERE for more information.

Photo courtesy of US Army Korea – IMCOM

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