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3 Benefits of Being a Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist

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The United States Army requires a lot of food in order to provide the proper nutrition necessary to keep soldiers ready for combat. Because food is susceptible to spoilage, it is necessary to check all food products as they arrive. The job of the Veterinary Food Inspection Specialist is to check all food to be consumed by humans and animals to make sure it is of good quality. You will be helping to save lives.

Helping Others

Getting sick from a foodborne illness is not just an inconvenience. Many people have died from food related illnesses. As a veterinary food inspection specialist in the US Army you will help to make sure the food which is consumed is of good quality. You will feel good knowing all those in your unit will stay healthy due to your work.

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Education Through Training

The United States Army will teach you everything you need to know to do your job through the eight week advanced training you will go through. This will prepare you for a career in the Army. It will also give you the education you need to have a rewarding career outside of the military.

Combat Restricted Detail

Even though you will go through basic training like the rest of the enlisted soldiers your duties will not include combat. You will spend your time in the military indoors. In most cases you will be working in a lab or other air conditioned environments.

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