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The United States Army has identified the need for proper eye care among other medical needs every soldier has. This is because soldiers need to be able to see clearly in order to complete their duties. This is a commitment the Army takes very seriously which is why they employ specialists to help take care of every soldier’s eyesight. The Optical Laboratory Specialist is key to providing every soldier with the eye care they deserve.

What You Will do

To Provide the proper eye care for every soldier you will be responsible for helping the optometrist. You will assemble glasses as well as fabricate lenses and make repairs. You will also help to maintain the tools and equipment which will be used to conduct eye exams and to construct the vision correction implements which will be used by soldiers and their families.

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Training for Your Career

After you have gone through basic training you will go through a 24 week advanced training course to learn everything you will need to know to complete your duties including laboratory procedures, physiology and ocular anatomy among other things.

The training you receive will be on-going. Your skills will develop as you work in your field. This will help you to make a career in the Army. Of course, your skills will directly relate to the jobs which are available in the optical field in the civilian workplace as well.

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