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Making a Difference as an Operating Room Specialist

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Medical treatment is of the utmost importance in caring for the lives of the soldiers in the United States Army. Soldiers may become injured due to battle, training or through everyday accidents. It is important they are able to receive the best possible care when they need it. The Operating Room Specialist is key to making sure all soldiers are able to get the care they need whether they need basic care or emergency medical treatment.

Helping the Surgeons

A big part of your responsibilities will be working directly with the patients so the surgeon can concentrate on what they are doing. You will also be responsible for all of the tools and equipment which will be used in the commission of a procedure. You will also be charged with making sure the surgery room is properly cleaned and prepped for each procedure.

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Skills You Should Possess

While many people may long to work as an operating room specialist in the United States Army, there are a few skills which you should possess to make you a better fit for the job. You should have an attention to detail. You should also have an interest in algebra, psychology, biology, chemistry and general science as well as helping others.

In addition you should possess the ability to work under stressful conditions and to communicate effectively. These skills will not only make it more likely you will get the assignment in the first place. They will help you to do your job once you have it.

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