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There is no better work environment to get comprehensive medical benefits than in the United States Army. Every soldier receives health benefits which are extended to their entire immediate family. This is a great benefit to all those who have children. To make this possible there are positions available for every single possible medical field. Those enlisted as a health care specialist in the US Army provide the finest in basic and emergency care.

Your Duties and Responsibilities

When working as a health care specialist in the United States Army you will be responsible for assisting physicians in providing health care to all soldiers and their family. You will provide care including triage and minor medical procedures including taking blood and administering shots. You will also be responsible for making sure all records are up to date and stored correctly.

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Training for Your Career

In order to make sure you have all the skills you need to perform your duties as a health care specialist you will go through 16 weeks of advanced training after you have gone through basic training. Here you will learn the same skills people end up paying thousands of dollars at medical schools around the country.

This training will not only help you to establish a career in the Army. It will help you to establish a career in the medical field which will extend into the civilian world as well. Click on the link above to learn more.

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