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The teeth are very important to the overall health of the individual. This is one of the reasons why the United States Army provides comprehensive dental care for every soldier and their immediate family. In order to provide the best dental care the Army has its own dental facilities. Dental Specialists help to make sure every soldier and their family are receiving the best possible dental care possible.

Recommended Skills

There are some skills which are recommended for you to be able to perform your duties as well as possible. You should have an interest in working with people, helping others, chemistry and biology. You should also have good hand to eye coordination as well as an ability to follow oral instructions properly.

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Training for Your Career

In order to be able to perform your duties you will go through basic training as well as going through 30 weeks of advanced training. You will learn everything from dental hygiene procedures to the proper methods to take X-rays and develop the film.

The skills you learn will be with the latest equipment available in the dental field. You will also be taught all of the latest methods for dealing with gum disease. You will be trained on how to instruct patients to deal with their dental issues at home as well as in the office. Click on the link above to learn more about your opportunities in this field.

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