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The United States Army is a Community the same as any other. As such there is the possibility for fires even in times of peace. Naturally this risk is made even greater when battalions are sent into battle and temporary bases are set up. This is why the United States Army makes a practice of hiring and training firefighters to handle any kind of fire emergency as it happens.

Training for Your Career

There is always a need for a well-trained firefighter on a base. This is why after you go through basic training you will go through a 13 week advanced training course. You will learn everything including how to handle firefighting equipment, firefighting procedures and rescue procedures. You will also learn first aid and how to recognize and deal with different types of fires.

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Helping Others

This is a perfect career for anyone who enjoys helping others. You will get instant gratification as you help people to not lose their home or personal property. You will also feel good to see people pulled from a fiery wreck which would have claimed their life if not for your efforts.

While there are many people who would like to become a firefighter in the civilian world, there are plenty of opportunities to get the training and the duties you need in the US Army. Click on the link above to get to know more about your future as a firefighter in the US Army.

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