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3 Reasons to be a Pharmacy Specialist

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The United States Army provides the best benefits you will find of any employer. These include the comprehensive medical and dental benefits which are enjoyed by every soldier and their family. Normally this is something you would have to pay handsomely for in the civilian world. Part of the benefits every soldier gets is free medication. As a Pharmacy Specialist in the US Army you will help to dispense the medication soldiers need to get better.

Helping Others

It always feels good to see people feel better after you have done something to help them. This is exactly the kind of feeling you will get as a pharmacy specialist. You will learn about the medicines which are dispensed and how they will help people to get better.

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Valuable Training

Many people will spend thousands of dollars to get the kind of training you will get for free as a pharmacy specialist in the US Army. You will be able to enter your career after a 19 week advanced training course. The average time it takes to get an associate’s degree and start working in the civilian world is two years.

College Education Opportunities

For those looking to make a career out of pharmacy you can even have Army pay for you to go to undergraduate and even graduate school in pharmacy. This will help to make sure your career is off and running. Best of all you will never stop getting paid even while you are in school.

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