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The United States Army uses animals for many different reasons. These include patrol dogs, combat dogs, horses and more. These animals must be cared for in order to keep them alive in a humane way. Rather than sending the Army animals to a civilian veterinarian, it only makes sense they would be taken care of by a specialist in the Army. It is the duty of the Animal Care Specialist to assist in providing the proper care to all animals used by the US Army.

Skills You Should Possess

Working as an Animal Care Specialist requires special skills. These include a love for animals and a willingness to work with them even when sick. You should have an interest in biology and general science. You should be able to follow instructions exactly. You should also be able to work well even under conditions which may be stressful or are emergency situations.

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Training for Your Career

After you go through basic training you will go through eleven weeks of advanced training where you will learn everything you need to know about caring for animals properly in the United States Army. You will even learn how to plaster-cast , sterilize equipment and patient care techniques.

You will even have the opportunity to go to college on the Army’s dime in order to get a degree in veterinary sciences so you will be able to go even further with your career. Click above to learn more about your future in the US Army.

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