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Fulfilling Career as a Small Arms/Artillery Repairer

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The United States Army has many different small arms which are used to accomplish missions. These arms include everything from the rifles which are carried by the soldiers in combat as well as the arms which are attached to fighting vehicles and helicopters. These need to work properly if there is to be any hope of completing dangerous missions without loss of life on the American side of conflict. It is the job of the small arms/artillery repairer in the US Army to make sure the arms are working properly at all times.

Training for Your Career

In addition to the basic training every soldier goes through you will receive an additional 15 weeks of advanced training. You will learn all of the mechanical systems which are used by the weapons used in everyday missions. You will also learn many of the electrical systems including optical sights and laser guidance systems. You will learn how to maintain and to repair these arms.

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Beneficial Skills to Have

Being chosen for the career you would like to pursue is made easier when you possess certain skills. Some of the skills which will help you to get a job as a small arms/artillery repairer are an ability to complete work requiring accuracy and attention to detail. You should also have an interest in working with mechanical and electrical systems. To learn more about your future in the Army click on the link above.

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