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Beneficial Career as a M1 ABRAMS Tank System Maintainer

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The United States Army has many different vehicles which are necessary to carrying out daily missions. There are few vehicles which are more important to the overall success of the Army than the M1 ABRAMS tank. This is because of the amount the tank is utilized and what missions it is utilized for. It is the duty of the M1 ABRAMS tank system maintainer to make sure the tanks will be ready for use whenever they are needed.

Training for Your Career

The training you will go through will help you to understand the different mechanical and electrical systems the M1 ABRAMS tank uses. You will then learn how to maintain and repair these different systems as needed. You will go through an intense 14 week advanced training program in addition to your basic training. This will help you to know exactly what you are doing.

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Responsibility Others Rely on

Most people who operate the M1 ABRAMS tank do not give a second thought to whether the tank will work when they get in. This is because they know someone like you has been working very hard to maintain the vehicle.

The responsibility to display as a maintainer of this essential tank will help to put you in line for advancements and promotions. You will gain leadership roles as well as be in charge of making sure those who are new understand the best way to maintain the M1.

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