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Exciting Career as an Artillery Mechanic

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The United States Army is well known for precision artillery fire. This is because over the years the mechanical and electrical systems which are responsible for targeting enemy forces has been perfected by the Army Engineers. While every piece of artillery enjoys the benefits of the years of advances, it takes a special individual to properly maintain the systems. It is the job of the Artillery mechanic to make sure the artillery weapons will fire accurately and with precision.

Beneficial Skills

While you will be taught everything you need to know in the 14 weeks of advanced training, there are certain skills which will help you in being able to succeed in your career as an artillery mechanic in the US Army. You should have an interest in working with weapons. You should also have an interest in math and science as well as working with electrical and electronic equipment. You should also have an ability to complete work which requires an attention to detail.

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Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to repairing and maintaining the artillery, you may be called upon to help teach others how to properly use the weaponry. This is because you will have an intimate knowledge of how the artillery weapons work.

You will also need to conduct test firings on artillery equipment to make sure it is firing correctly and that there are no jams or malfunctions in the system. Click above for more information about this rewarding career.

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