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How to Work as an Armament Repairer

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The high tech world of the military is charged with different fighting systems. These include the weapons which are on board the helicopters and tanks the United States Army uses every day. These systems use electrical targeting systems to find targets and to make sure the weaponry is aimed properly for a direct hit. It is the job of the armament repairer to make sure the weapons are functioning properly at all times.

What You Will Do

As a part of your work you will be responsible for helping to find and repair malfunctions in the armament system. This will help the tank or helicopter to properly acquire and target different targets. You will also be responsible for performing maintenance on armament ordnance. This will help to make sure the weaponry will always be working properly when it is needed.

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Training You Will Receive

To make sure you know what you are doing you will go through a five week training program after basic training. This advanced training course will get you started on the basics of armament repair. You will then learn hands-on as to how best to maintain the weaponry.

The training will include showing you how to take apart and put back together complex weaponry including the systems which are used to target different targets on the ground and in the air. Click on the link above to get to learn more about your future in the US Army.

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