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Protecting Others as an AVENGER System Repairer

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Ground troops are always in need of a more accurate defense system when there is an enemy force trying to attack. The AVENGER system has been created to make sure that troops and other equipment are safe from attack whether it be by air or by land. The system can target different things with the greatest of ease. Of course it needs to work properly to do so. It is the job of the AVENGER system repairer to make sure the system can properly protect those dependent on it.

What the AVENGER is

The AVENGER system has the ability to use ballistic missiles as well as guns to protect and attack. The system is light enough it can be used in all different scenarios. It can be brought anywhere the Army goes without having to fly it in by heavy helicopter or plane.

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Training for Your Career

Because the AVENGER system is very technologically advanced, you will have to go through an eighteen week training course. You will be taught how to maintain, test and operate the systems and the weapons they use.

The training you receive will make it where you will be in the position of having to teach those who will use the weapon every day. While your skills will make you a perfect candidate for operating the machine, your skills will be needed in case there is a malfunction of any kind.

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