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Why You Should be an Ordnance Officer

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The United States Army depends on ordnance in order to do its job. As a result they rely on the Ordnance Officer to make sure all ordnance is in place and is in the proper condition. By working in this position you will not only be helping to make sure the troops will have the arsenal they need to carry out their missions. You will be making sure the ordnance available will not cause physical harm to those who use it.

The Importance of Your Job

Ordnance is nothing more than a controlled explosion to propel an object from one location to another. The payload which is propelled is generally explosive as well. If the ordnance is contaminated or depleted in any regards it can be highly dangerous for those using it, or at least ineffective in its proposed usage. It is your job to make sure the ordnance is safe and can be used for its function.

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Training for Your Career

It is highly important you are able to understand how to do your job. Other soldiers will literally be putting their lives in your hands. As a result after you go through Ordnance Officer Basic Course (OOBC). Here you will learn everything you need to do your job.

The training you receive will not only help you to do your job. It will help you to make sure you are able to teach others what to look out for. This will prevent anything from getting missed.

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