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With the ups and downs of today’s economy, news of layoffs and cutbacks plague the nation. Employees cringe as they watch their retirement savings dwindle and many people wonder where their next mortgage payment will come from. It’s a tough time to be looking for work in the United States, but you can find real job security in the Army. You may be surprised at the types of jobs available.

Are you interested in a trade like plumbing? Plumbers are a critical element in modern society. When everything works properly, it may not even cross your mind, but as soon as you have a stopped up toilet or leaky pipes, the plumber is usually first on your mind. They charge accordingly for their expertise. In the United States Army, you can earn a paycheck while you learn the plumbing trade and a set of skills you can take with you anywhere in the world.

Military Support Careers

When most people think about a career as a soldier, they think about combat and duty on the frontlines. You may be surprised to find out that only about 20 percent of military careers involve combat. It takes a full community to support missions. That means that the Army has its own mechanics, doctors, lawyers, computer analysts, and plumbers.

When you learn the trade of plumbing as a soldier, you’ll learn more than just the basics of residential plumbing. You’ll learn about larger systems and industrial plumbing. You may be trained in hydraulic systems or water purification. The Army will give you all the skills you need to be successful in the military and beyond. The skills you’ll acquire in the Army will far surpass the training offered at trade schools and you’ll have the real world experience to go with it. The best part is you’ll get this training while you collect a paycheck as a member of the United States Army.

The Extras Beyond Your Paycheck

As a plumber in the United States Army, you’ll be able to take advantage of all of the other benefits that military life has to offer. You’ll collect a paycheck twice a month and have free housing and medical care for you and your entire family. You’ll receive a clothing allowance and a food allowance. You’ll have access to military recreational and shopping facilities. There will be opportunities for travel and you’ll be in great physical shape.

In addition, your educational opportunities will continue beyond your initial training. The Army will make sure you’re always current in your field and learning from some of the best. If you choose to return to the civilian workforce, you’ll be well prepared and have the skills that employers are looking for. If you make a career of the Army, you’ll collect a retirement package from the government that few private companies can match.

The Pride Of Belonging

While we can make quantitative lists about the skills you’ll gain in the United States Army, a career in the Army will give you something that runs much deeper. The sense of pride, purpose, and confidence that comes with serving your country is unmatched. You’ll master team building skills and strengthen your leadership abilities. You’ll find that serving as a soldier in the United States Army bolsters your character and strengthens your resolve.

You won’t be alone. Soldiers serve side-by-side and there’s a camaraderie that can’t be compared. Both the soldier and his or her family become part of a community with a common bond that comes from common experiences and values.

Begin your plumbing career in the United States Army. You’ll get top-notch training in your field while you experience the world and serve your nation. To find out more about a future with the United States Army, click HERE.

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