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The United States Army has a variety of aircraft it uses every day to complete different missions. Whether the aircraft is a small attack helicopter or a large carrier plane, it is necessary to have highly trained individuals to fly these expensive pieces of equipment. It is the duty of the Aviation Officer in the US Army to fly important missions every day.

Great Pay and Benefits

Simply by working as an aviation officer in the Army you will receive a higher pay than you’re your rank would normally provide. This is because you will be providing a very necessary service to the success of the US Army. You will also enjoy the benefits which come from the best training available for those interested in a career in aviation. The training and on the job experience can translate into a very good career beyond the Army.

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Benefitting Others

The way you will help others will depend on the specialization you work in as an aviation officer. Attack helicopter pilots will help to pursue enemies as well as provide air support for troops. If you fly one of the cargo jets you will help to transport cargo and personnel around the world. You may even fly a carrier helicopter to deliver troops right to the center of the action.

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