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The Importance of a Career as an Army Watercraft Operator

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The United States Army operates in a variety of terrain. As such, it is necessary to be able to utilize properly the terrain which is available to you. One of the terrains which are essential is waterways. This is why the Army uses specialized watercraft to be able to dominate the waterways as well as to use them to deliver troops and supplies to their destinations along the waterways. It is the duty of the Army Watercraft Operator to operate the watercraft the Army uses every day.

Specialized Training

Because the work you will be doing is so important, you will receive specialized training. This means you will be enrolled in an advanced training course after you have complete basic training. You will learn how to conduct yourself on Army watercrafts in general. You will then go on to get the training necessary to operate the watercraft you will be using every day.

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Protecting Others

By working as a watercraft operator in the US Army, you will be helping to provide the support troops need from the waterways. You will also be charged with the safe delivery of personnel to necessary arenas. This is accomplished through special maneuvers and through knowing how to handle your watercraft and the weapons systems available.

Your specialized skills will be essential to making sure the troops on the ground will be able to complete their mission. Click on the link above to learn more about this exciting career.

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