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The mission of the United States Army takes place in many different types of environments. There are jobs which specialize in carrying out missions involving every kind of terrain known to man. Carrying out missions under water is no exception. There come times when soldiers need to be called upon to eliminate threats in waterways and oceans. When you work as an Army Diver you will be helping to protect the Army’s interests in the water.

Work Conditions

The work you will be doing will be getting rid of threats underwater as well as making underwater repairs while in hostile territory or in times of peace. You may also be called upon when there is equipment underwater which needs or to be salvaged. Your special skills will be called upon even in times when you may need to dive down up to 190 feet.

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Training for Your Career

To give you all of the skills you will need to accomplish your many diverse types of missions you will undergo 29 weeks of advanced training after you go through basic training. Here you will learn everything you need in classroom and in the water that you will need to do your job safely and without problems.

Your mission as an diver in the Army is a special skill which is very much in demand. To learn more about your future in this exciting career field, click on the link above.

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