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The combat arena the modern Army operates on is one which involves the most advanced technology available. This helps give soldiers the edge they need to fight a smarter battle. One of the most important pieces of technology used in combat is the radar system. This is because of the technical and weather information radars provide to create better battle plans. Your job as a radar repairer in the US Army will be to maintain and repair these highly important pieces of equipment.

The Importance of Your Duty

Such things as enemy aircraft or ballistic missiles approaching are highly important pieces of information to have. In addition, the weather will cause changes in plans to be necessary from time to time. Without a radar, none of this is possible. When you work as a radar repairer in the US Army, you will be working to keep the systems in optimal working condition.

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Training for Success

Because your mission is very important, you will go through 45 weeks of advanced training after basic training. This will help to give you the skills you will need to identify problems in the system and make the necessary repairs. You will also be taught how to properly maintain the radar systems so that there will not be problems in the first place.

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