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Why You Should as a MLRS Operations/Fire Direction Specialist

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The modern battlefield is very different than it used to be. No longer are cannons the ultimate in ground weapons. Now it is possible to have armament systems which can launch multiple rockets at multiple targets in a very short succession. Making this happen takes a very special skillset. When you work as a Multiple Launch Rocket System (MLRS) Operations/Fire Direction Specialist in the US Army you will be helping to direct fire in a very strategic manner.

Exciting Career

A very large part of your job will be to identify and record targets through firing directions and by using voice radio. You will be responsible for collecting and transmitting data including the plots of different targets on grids. You will also be responsible for directing fire to support cannon and artillery troops including tanks.

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A Look at Your Future

Other than being able to help out others, when you work as a MLRS operations/fire direction specialist, you will be creating a brighter future for yourself. This is because you will gain a specific skill set which will take an already analytical mind capable of critical thinking in crisis situations to the next level. You will be able to learn how to operate cool under fire and deliver results which will make a difference.

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