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How to be a Field Artillery Surveyor

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One of the most feared parts of any foreign military is their artillery. Artillery which is properly placed can be devastating in the damage it can inflict on the enemy. Getting the right positions and firing solutions is not something that happens. It is something which is planned. When you work as a field artillery surveyor in the US Army you will be in charge of finding the right placement for the artillery for maximum effect.

Training for Your Career

The first step in becoming a field artillery surveyor in the US Army is to go through basic training and seven weeks of advanced training. In your training you will learn the best positions for artillery to be in and why. You will learn artillery tactics and different methods to computer the locations of your targets. While most of your training will be in the classroom, you will receive some hands-on training.

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Important Skills

Among the requirements you will have to meet just to be a soldier there are a few you should possess if you are looking to work in this demanding career field. You should be able to perform various tasks at once, work well with a team and perform well under stressful conditions. Having an interest in math and work that involves math is also a plus.

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