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The artillery in the United States Army fires large ammunition and missiles to support the ground troops and large vehicles in battle situations. The accuracy of these weapons is highly important because of the proximity of the targets to friendly troops. This is why it is important to have a clear picture of what the weather conditions in an area are at all times. The job of the field artillery meteorological crewmember is to analyze the weather information available to provides useful data to artillery crews.

Analytical Work

The bulk of the work you will be doing will involve using advanced meteorological equipment as well as weather balloons. You will analyze the data not just in terms of discovering what the weather conditions are in the area. You will use the information to understand ballistic temperatures and densities so you can apply to this to the weapons your team will be firing and how these conditions will alter flight paths.

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Technical Training

Part of your success in this field will come from the eight weeks of advanced training you will receive. You will learn even more as you work in the field including the on-going training you will receive in order to understand the systems you are using even as changes occur in the technology. As your skills increase, you will be in charge of training others as well. To learn more about your future in this exciting career field, click on the link above.

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