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The modern battlefield is filled with threats which go well beyond the munitions fire from small arms and artillery fire. The modern soldier must also face enemies which use all manner of weaponry including chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear. The United States Army is equipped to handle these dangers by employing individuals to ass danger and destroy weapons systems. When you work as a Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Specialist in the US Army you will work to eliminate threats in the modern battlefield.

Special Training

Since handling the kind of material you will be working with is not something normally handled in daily life, you will undergo ten weeks of advanced training after basic training in which you learn how to properly handle and eliminate certain threats to local and international security. You will learn the best way to safely and efficiently handle the dangers.

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Skills You Will Learn

You will learn how to work in dangerous situations using some of the highly toxic chemicals used as arms. You will earn a hazardous material certification. You will learn how to wear and properly use CBRN protective equipment. Most importantly you will learn how to use equipment to detect, monitor and decontaminate any CBRN situation. Your training will help to give you the skills you will need to help save lives.

The work you will complete as a CBRN specialist in the US Army is very important now and in the future. To learn more about your future in this exciting career field, click on the link above.

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