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Soldiers in the United States Army will find themselves scattered all around the world. While they may not be sure where their next assignment might be, they can always be sure where their next meal is going to come from. This is because of the dedication of the US Army to provide three square meals a day for all enlisted personnel. It is the job of the food service specialist in the US Army to provide the food that soldiers need to keep going.

Providing Cooked Meals

The only way that it is possible to provide cooked meals while in foreign lands is to make sure that there is the proper equipment available to do so. This means that in addition to the cooking responsibilities you will have, you will also be responsible for setting up and striking down temporary field kitchens which you will cook out of.

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Providing Proper Nutrition

In order to make sure you understand how to provide the proper nutrition for every soldier, you will be taught through a 9 week advanced training course what it means to provide the right nutrition among other things. You will also learn safe handling of foods, proper sanitation techniques and preparation of meals to make them tasty and wholesome.

The skills that you bring to the table will make you a very valuable part of the force. Best of all, the training you will receive will make you a candidate to go further in culinary arts in the Army or in the civilian world. Click on the link above to get to know more.

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