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After high school graduation, most people start looking at their options. If you choose to go to college, it takes about 4 years and not only will you graduate with a diploma, but you’re also likely to graduate with a mountain of debt. Trade schools offer another route, but they also cost money and there’s no guarantee of a position when you complete your training. The United States Army offers training in a variety of different career fields and actually pays you while you learn. When you complete your training, you’ll step into a position with benefits and a future.

The Army is looking for people who are interested and have an aptitude for helicopter repair. That repair may include electrical, structural, or electronics and the Army will teach you all you need to know. When you complete training, you’ll serve your country maintaining the aircraft that defend our freedom collecting a comfortable paycheck and a benefits package that few civilian corporations can touch.

It’s Not Just Combat

When you hear about United States soldiers, you probably have images in your mind of front line fighters and combat positions. The fact of the matter is that only about 20% of military jobs actually involve combat. Behind America’s fighting force is an entire community supporting operations both abroad and in the United States. The Army has its own doctors and mechanics, cooks and plumbers. If you can think of a job in the civilian sector, there’s probably a similar job in the United States Army.

Soldiers are called upon to support their country and are trained to be the very best in their field. They are also pushed to be their personal best, professionally, mentally, and physically. As a soldier in the United States Army, you’ll find yourself in peak condition and learning things about yourself that you may not have ever known. You’ll develop leadership skills and learn how to work effectively as part of one of our country’s strongest teams. Whether you serve a single enlistment or make a career of the Army, what you learn from your time in the Army will serve YOU for a lifetime.

Beyond A Paycheck

Yes, you’ll have first-class training in your field, but the Army also offers many other benefits. In addition to a paycheck you can count on twice a month, the Army provides free housing. You’ll get an allowance for food and clothing and you and your family will receive full medical benefits. As a soldier, you’ll have access on post to recreation and shopping facilities and special travel opportunities. Being a soldier isn’t just a job, it’s a way of life for you and your family.

Military families have a common bond and look out for each other. In addition, when living on base you’ll have the benefits of excellent government schools and a level of safety and security for you and your children. You can take advantage of the many events and programs offered exclusively for military families, everything from carnivals and family days to support programs for families with special needs. The Army looks out for its own and when you become a soldier, you become part of that community.

Beginning Your Future With The Army

A career in the Army may be just the opportunity you’ve been looking for. A call to your local recruiter can fill-in some of the details. Talk to the Army recruiter and find out about things like signing bonuses and career availability. The Army recruiter can also answer questions about the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) test and duty stations. The recruiter can point you toward the next step for a fulfilling career as a soldier and a future in the United States Army. Start the journey now by clicking HERE.

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