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In order to be successful in anything you do, you need a good plan and you need to know where you are. For the United States Army to know where they are, they use maps which are created by some of the smartest people in the world that are trained just to make maps and plans for the United States Army. When you work as a geospatial engineer in the US Army, you will be making sure that the soldiers have the maps that they need to stay on point.

Leading the Charge

The training you will receive will help you to understand the systems that you will be using. You will also be taught how to map out and create plans which detail out troop positions and their relationship to the enemy forces or their strategic locations including ammo dumps and more. This will help in creating an accurate plan which will allow the soldiers to carry out a better executed demonstration of force.

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The Training You Will Receive

After going through the basic training that will teach you the fundamentals of combat skills, you will learn through an 18 week advanced training course how to do such things as imagery exploitation and interpretation, geographic analysis, as well as a basic knowledge of Geographic Information Systems (GIS). If you are ready to get started ion this exciting career field, click on the link above to get started.

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