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Beneficial Career as a Water Treatment Specialist

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Water is one of the elements which every human needs to be able to survive. While having water is necessary, having contaminated water can lead to illness or death. Because the United States Army operates in countries around the world, it becomes necessary to collect and treat water which will be used to keep the troops hydrated. Making sure the water is of good quality and without contaminants will allow the troops to stay healthy and active. It is the job of the Water Treatment Specialist in the US Army to make sure the water is being treated properly to maintain safety.

Training for Your Career

Water is very important to the health and safety of the troops which is why you will go through basic training to make sure you will be able to go where the troops go. You will also go through a 14 week advanced training course in which you will learn the specifics of your job. You will learn how to inspect waste disposal facilities, wastewater, food service operations and food products. YOu will also be taught to identify health hazards.

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Duties and Responsibilities

Because it will not always be possible to get fresh water from a known source, you will have to use water purification equipment that you set up. You will also learn how to establish and maintain more permanent means for water purification and reuse. For more information on how you canb tap into this career field, click on the link above.

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