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Energize Your Career as a Power Generation Equipment Repairer

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Like most any other organization in the world, the United States Army needs electricity to get along. It is not always possible for power to be readily available in certain conditions. These are the times when power has to be generated to power the many different functions the United States Army will use them for. When you work as a power generation equipment repairer in the US Army, you will be responsible for making sure necessary power is being produced.

Training for Your Career

You will receive all the training you need in order to make sure you understand principles of electronic circuitry, electrical circuitry, as well as generation, distribution and repair of equipment. You will learn all of this in an 11 week advanced training course after you complete basic training. You will learn in the classroom and in the field to make sure that you fully understand everything that is necessary for your position.

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Other Benefits of Your Service

Just for being an enlisted personnel in the United States Army, you will receive benefits which are far superior to any civilian branch of the workforce. One of the benefits every enlisted personnel and their families receive standard is comprehensive medical and dental benefits. This will help you to get all the care you need without having to pay anything out of pocket. To learn more about how you can get started in this rewarding career, click on the link above.

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