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The United States Army uses a lot of different kinds of vehicles and aircraft. These all depend on a certain kind of fuel in order to keep running. To get the fuel from the supply to the craft is not an automatic process. It takes a specially trained group of people to be able to bring the fuel to the vehicle and make sure that it gets the right kind of fuel for proper operating standards to be met. Your job as a petroleum supply specialist in the US Army will be to make sure the different vehicles are getting the right kinds of fuel.

Training for Your Career

Because making sure the right fuel is being used at all times, it is highly important that you are trained properly to do your job. This is why after you go through basic training you will go through a 11 week advanced training course. You will learn how to operate tanker equipment, pipelines and pumps. You will also learn to operate the systems meant to refuel aircraft. Testing oils and fuels is another necessary skill you will be taught.

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Fueling Your Future

The other great thing about the training you will receive is the knowledge that there are airports in every major city around the world with smaller ones dotting the landscape. All of these facilities are in need of a skilled individual to be able to refuel aircraft and vehicles properly. Click on the link above to learn more about this career field.

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