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Benefits of Working as a Petroleum Laboratory Specialist

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It is a simple fact that the United States Army will go through a lot of fuel while conducting everyday operations around the world. The fuel which is used must be of the highest quality so it will not cause any damage to the vehicles which already see enough abuse. To make sure the fuel is always of the highest quality, the US Army hires and trains specialized individuals. When you work as a Petroleum Laboratory Specialist in the US Army, you will be in charge of making sure all fuel is of the highest possible quality.

Duties You Will Perform

In order to provide the right fuel to the vehicles and aircraft in the US Army, you will have to test samples of fuels which will be used and investigate nay corruption which might affect the fuel supply. You will learn to detect contaminants like water and dirt in the fuel. You will also learn all of the necessary equipment in the lab you will use to test the fuel samples.

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Helpful Skills

While wanting to serve your country is noble, in order to get selected for this specialized duty, you should have an interest in working with lab equipment and chemicals, performing technical work, and utilizing math and chemistry in the course of your duties. You should have the ability to follow detailed procedures. Click on the link above to find out more about this exciting career field.

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